Husband with Bladder cancer

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My husband had a 5cm malignant tumor removed January 22nd and has just finished his 6th BCG treatment on May 28th and had another scope and there was no sign of returning cancer. He will continue maintenance treatments on August 10th for three weeks and then another scope. Does this mean the tumors won't come back? Doctor said in the beginning that they usually do.


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    Hi - I'm new to this discussion thing so hopefully you will get this. I can give you what my husband has gone through. He was diagnosed in May of 2001 with a small lesion in the bladder. He had BCG treatments for three months, and they found another lesion. He had another round of BCG treatments which seemed to go well. In early 2002 he had another lesion, which was getting closer to the kidney tubes and deeper, so his urologist was getting concerned about the continued aggressiveness of the cancer. We opted for bladder removal, and he has a neobladder. This was in July of 2002. He was node negative at the time of surgery which was wonderful news. Things went very well until January of this year when they found a mass on his pelvic wall, which he has now had 7 weeks of radiation and chemo, and has shrunk the tumor by 50% which the doctors are delighted with. He is now battling an infeciton of some sort that they can't seem to diagnose, and he is more miserable as a result of that than any of the surgeries, treatments, etc. I think it just depends on how aggressive the cancer is and the type and grade. I have talked to people who know others that have had BCG treatments and been just fine, with no recurrence or years between recurrence. So try to stay positive, but make sure he keeps regular checkups and scopes because the key to this thing is staying on top of it early.
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    Might want to check out Dr Donald Lamm's Oncovite vitamin product and the improvement it apparently does for BCG followup over the years. He's now with Mayo Clinic.