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Hi All, I am new to your community but have read several discussions. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer (mets to lymph nodes and omentum) in Feb. 2004 two weeks after his 42nd birthday. We were so shocked (to say the least). He was been doing chemo since March. I have read so many inspiring stories here. Wanted to drop a quick note. Since I am at work, I need to make this short, but as Arnold says "I'll be back."


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    Hi Linda,

    Welcome to our community - I am a very new member myself, 42 years old having been diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer on May 11,2004. I have had 2 chemo treatments of the 24 that I will undergo, this having followed surgery to remove 2 feet of bowel on May 18th,

    I am so surprised at how many of us are so young here on this board...It so seems that there should be some kind of screening for this cancer and there just isnt pre-50. I know I was completely well up until a week before they found my tumor. Was your husband sick at all???

    How is he doing with his chemo? What type is he taking???

    You and your husband have definitely come to the right place for support Linda...we are all in the same boat (sadly) but that gives us a unique insight and perspective that is so helpful to all of us.

    Best wishes and keep us up to date,

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    Hi Linda,

    Welcome to the "semi-colons"! I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis, but this web site is a wonderful place to find support and information. There are both caregivers and cancer survivors here, so you and your husband will find lots of support.

    I'm a cancer survivor and my dear friends here have helped me get through my surgery, chemo treatment, and recovery.

    We all look forward to hearing from you again. Yes, I agree with you about earlier testing. It is amazing how many young (under 50) people are finding themselves diagnosed with colon cancer. It's scarier still to think of those who have not had their cancer detected because very few doctors encourage early testing. We must keep vocal and maybe our voices will be heard.

    Take care and I wish you and your husband the very best.

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    I am sorry you and your husband are in need of this site, however you will find a very supportive group. I too am 42 years old with stage 4 with mets to the liver. I hae 3 boys (5,9,10) and and very supportive wife. I was diagnosed in February and was in shock and depression for a couple of weeks. With the help of my family and the response from this group, I have found the strength to fight. I also have been doing chemo since late March and the spot onmy liver is 50% reduced and may be totally dead. Anyway, don't give up hope, check in regularly and ask questions.

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    Hi Linda,

    Welcome to you and your hubby. Sorry you have to be here....I understand the shock. I was 39 when I was diagnosed and my sister was only 29. I have been cancer free for almost 3 years after being dx'ed with Stage 3 lymph pos colon cancer of the sigmoid colon. No chemo just alternative (Eastern) medicine. I take a holistic approach to beating cancer so if you have any questions I am happy to share my experiences and research.

    Look forward to you joining in the party here. And remember that party poopers are welcome here too---any time you need to cry or complain or vent fears this is the place fot hugs.

    peace, emily who didn't make the "poopy" pun on purpose for all us anally challenged ....I don't think we really poop at parties if we can help it! :-)
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    Hi Linda,
    Welcome to you and your husband. I have 10 years on him, but since my dad died of colon cancer at 85, I thought I had years to go before I had to worry. Had baseline colonoscopy last Nov, and found 1 cancerous polyp and node. I had NO symptoms at all, and now I get on my bandbox and preach to all who are near to get at least baseline colonoscopy. Does seem like the age should be dropped, lots of you young'ins here. Hope things are going OK for hubby. Good wishes to you both. Judy
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    Hi All, thank you for all your support. My husband of doing Folfox 6 (I think!). He goes to drs office for Leukovorin, Oxiliplatin (sp?) & Avastin and does 48 hr 5FU. He does well with the treatments, but does get tired. We will be going for PET scan in a couple weeks to see how chemo is taking affect. I will keep you all posted and in our prayers. Again, thank you so much for all your support and words of encouragement.
  • Hello Linda and welcome to the group. Better late than never Monika is what they tend to call me but I sure hope you review your post again and know that another person is here for you should you need them.

    I hear you completely about the shock. My husband Bert was diagnosed last July 2003 with stage III lymph involvement colon cancer of the right colon and was never sick or symptom a day in his life. Came out of the blue. He was 51 and had been having regular sigmonoscopies since age 44 due to his father having died of colon cancer at age 57. What they didn't do for him was start him on full colonscopy right away...just a sig. Needless to say, the sig never showed what was going on in the right side of the colon...but that's all water down the drain. We're here now and if you got to be somewhere, what a group this is.

    Again, welcome.

    Monika :-)