I was wrong & I am sorry>>Really!

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Hey Sisters,
I need to say that when I mentioned alternative meds besides conventional that I was out of line. A lot of people responded & now I feel that I should have put ths in the proper place. I am one of those whose only choice is alt. meds. This does not mean that I am a Dr & can not give out medical advice on these boards. It is not my place to do so. Please accept my humble apology & All Be Blessed By the Love of the Lord. I just had to get that out of my system because it was wrong for me to say that in the first place. Please forgive me.
God Bless All
Love Cathy


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    Hi Cathy,

    I haven't been on the site for awhile, so I don't know the particulars concerning your apology, but I wanted to say I am proud of you for your posting.

    Then I wanted to say, hello. I did write to you on regular email, but I don't know if your ever got it. I am doing great and you know I support the use of alternative meds, since I am still here because of them also. But each of us has to make that decision for ourselves. Medicine is still called a "practice" because we don't know all there is to know yet. What works for one may not work for everyone. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and would love to hear from you on my regular email.

    God Bless,
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    Hi Cathy:

    None of us here are doctor's...at least not to my knowledge. LOL Unless I am mistaken, this website is not about or for doctor's or practitioners of any kind: Including MD's, ND's, Herbalists, Accupuncturists or any other specialists. It also is no place for peddling wares, cures, solicitation's or advertising in general. It's for US. A community for Cancer Survivors to share. Period.

    While your apology puts "advice" we often share here, into perspective, I personally don't think an apology was necessary, all things considered.

    Many today choose alternative meds, as opposed to traditional treatment. And a lot of us seem to be choosing complementary meds and I am one of them. That being, of course, traditional treatment along WITH supplements, herbals, spiritual nourishment, stress reduction, and in general, taking the best care possible of ourselves as we heal, inside and out and find our way to our best lives, no matter what our circumstances or dx.

    As has been stated, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another person and I think we all understand that well.

    I admire your choice because you are doing what feels most right for you. You certainly have the right to share that with all of us here and that is not, in any stretch, considered "leading" anyone else to follow your particular choice.
    If you were posting advertisements (soliciting) on a daily basis, obviously for profit or to benefit your personal interests in some fashion, for this product or that, etc. then yes, that's inappropriate and would be eschewed here.

    In the end, we all must do what is best for ourselves and that often involves a lot of research, study, consultation, talking with other's who've gone a similar route, soul searching and ultimately settling on what fits best for us. DON'T WORRY ABOUT SHARING HERE. This is where it all "hangs out", so to speak, and your chosen treatment is just as important as anyone else's. If you cannot freely share that here, then this site is not serving it's purpose, is it? We're here to share info and experiences, offer support and caring and in general try to help one another find our way through the minefield that having cancer can be.

    Perhaps other's have differing opinion's. Ladies??? Any opinion's/input about what's ok to share here and what isn't?

    Be well.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    I say, the more opinions/info posted, the more everyone can get out of a sight such as this. Information is knowledge and as discussed elsewhere on the boards, we must be knowledgable inorder to advocate for ourselves. Post away!
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    SusanAnne said:

    I say, the more opinions/info posted, the more everyone can get out of a sight such as this. Information is knowledge and as discussed elsewhere on the boards, we must be knowledgable inorder to advocate for ourselves. Post away!

    Well, for what it's worth you all know my opinion on being opinionated.
    I fully agree with Ink!
    I say as long as we don't try to sell products, make false claims or promises or use foul language then we are within proper boundaries. We rely on each other to share experiences, knowledge and emotional support. It's one means by which we survive, and this is the cancer survivors network!
    Don't be sorry sevey, share away, you certainly have a lot of valuable experience to share. I'd like to know what post you are talking about, sounds interesting. Between my broke arm strapped to my side, and my computer modem being broke I'm not on much lately so I'm completely in the dark.
    My opinion...no apology needed, so no need to worry. No one should have to be sorry here, not for being honest and trying to help others, and I can't imagine you having any other intentions.
    Love ya girlfriend! (((HUGS))) hummingbyrd