Kelley anyone?

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Has anyone in this group had any experience with implementing the Kelley program as an alternative to chemo treatments?


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    Ahoy, allsmiles -

    I have to admit, I haven't heard of the Kelley program, but I did do the Captain Morgan program in conjunction with my chemo. I find 5-FU is best on the rocks.

    Just kidding - as if you didn't know I was. Maybe Emily has tried it - she's my personal alternative therapy trainer. The "Hans & Franz of juicing and veganism".


    - SpongeBob
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    hi smiles,

    I personally have not used the Kelley method exclusively...but I HAVE only used alternative meds and no chemo.

    I have a friend who had breast cancer who used it with success and a man who wanted to buy our farm (but didn't) his wife used the program through Dr. Gonzales. For her it didn't heal her completely but she responded very well to in it prolonged her life in a healthy way but it wasn't enough (for her) to kill off the cancer.

    People respond differently to different protocols. If you are interested in my protocol check out my webpage on here. And after that if you have questions feel free to email me! :-)

    I believe that the Kelley program is a good one. It makes a lot of sense to me. I promote live enzymes especially in the digestive arena. I get mine from live foods and some supplements. I take a product every day called Parazyme.

    hope this helps.

    peace, emily the local alternative granola chick haha