swimming & hair loss

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Am a girl 15, dx with Hodgkin's in 2/2004. Finished chemo 4/20/04. Lost most hair on head by March, but surprised when eyebrows, lashes and rest of hair fell out after swimming in pool last week. I do still have the new 1/4 in. downy hair that just started coming in but am afraid swimming will cause damage to that too. Am wondering how long it takes lashes and brows to grow back, how fast hair on head will grow back, and please if anyone knows about affect of chlorine, let me know. I want to go swimming but not if it risks my hair. Thanks.


  • lhodnet
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    I always recommend checking with your doctor, but I think that swimming is ok especially if you have finished chemo - I plan on swimming when my hair falls out~and I am 28! :) Just started chemo though and waiting for my hair to make its exit...
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    I am 43 and was diagnosed with Hodgkins in 1991. I also lost all my hair but it came back just fine. I have been cancer free for 12 years. I am writing because I have a 18 year old daughter who is a swimmer! Chlorine can be very damaging and drying to your skin and hair! By all means check with your doctor and you may seek advice from a dermatoligist for your skin and someone at a local hair salon. There are products and procedures that you can do to protect both you skin and hair! Good Luck!