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Ahoy all ye Semicolons!!

Greetings from San Andres Island, Colombia (on a map look off the east coast of Nicaragua).

I´m in this little cyber cafe here trying to use a keyboard that is not set up for US symbology - so pardon the weird characters if you see ém.

So anyway, been very busy chasing dopers and getting the snot beat out of me. Sorta like chemo on acid... Seas were running 15-20 feet for about two weeks. UGH. Glad that´s over! Been like a pond out there for the past week (knock on wood).

Looking forward to getting home and having some connectivity with you all. I´ve missed our chats! Hope all is well. Drop me a note if you get a chance - I have connectivity through my work e-mail address - Judy, Feisty, Sheepy, Stacey, and a few others have it - they´ll give it to you if you ask (I don´t want to throw a Government address out here in case some unscrupulous lurkers are about).

Hope Kanga and Assp are keeping you all in stitches while I´m gone. Hope to chat with yáll soon! Gotta run, my time´s about up.


- SpongeBob


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    Nanuk Update
    I just finished my eighth round under Folfox 6. My CT scan indicates 3 or 4 spots left out of originally over 20-(Dec 2003)
    I asked for a vacation from the chemo, and they gave me 3 months! I'm supposed to have CEA checked monthly, do another CT in late August, &
    then see Onc. about tx plan.
    Has anyone else had such a long break? I'm grateful, as I already feel better, but a little concerned about the length of the break..they say
    that if CEA rises-(presently 1.4) they will consider earlier CT and/or starting chemo again.
    They didn't tell me I also am supposedto flush my
    port monthly..found this out accidently from another source.
    Input from my on-line extended family please..bud
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    It was sure good to hear from you! We miss you and look forward to getting you back to the "good ole USA". Take care out there. How are you feeling???