Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer & Emphysema

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Hello All,

My dad is 73 and was just diagnosed with muscle invasive bladder cancer. I don't have complete info on the staging, but scans, tests and x-rays didn't show it in any organs or nodes just in the muscle wall.

He has significant lung loss due to emphysema (78% lung loss) and uses oxygen. They have indicated he's not a surgical candidate because of his emphysema and have recommended chemo and radiation.

Is there anyone who has gone this route? What can you tell me about your experience?



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    Hello e_darcie,

    My husband is 71 and had the muscle invasive bladder cancer. They removed both the bladder and prostrate, plus 5 lymph nodes, and it was called a Radical Cystectomy w/Ileo Conduit. He has to wear an Ostomy Bag, which was a nightmare at first, until the Stoma Expert found out that they were using the wrong flange on him, plus they didn't put an Ostomy Belt on the Flange and Bag to hold it securely next to his body. When they attached the Stoma/Ostomy Belt, it stopped the problem with the leakage. He had 4 chemo treatments following the surgery, but he chose not to have the radiation treatments. Now, they think that the cancer is in his lung and he is scheduled for a FULL BODY PET SCAN that shows everything inside the body and it shows what IS CANCER and what ISN'T CANCER. You might want to consider having your Dad to have this same test, but I suggest it is a FULL BODY PET SCAN. We will know the results around Christmas as far as the results of his Pet Scan since it is scheduled to be done on him in less than one week. I do understand very well what you are going through with your Dad. My husband had a massive stroke many years before the bladder cancer diagnosis, so he didn't even tell me that he had been passing blood. It is hard to know how to help them, when they won't say what is wrong with them.

    Another suggestion, the doctor has to designate the Pet Scan "Medical Necessity" in order for Medicare to pay for it. IF they deem it not Medically Necessary, then they won't pay for it. The best of luck to you and your Dad. My prayers are with you.