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Hello all, need some help again.

Mom was doing well with the 5FU and Leuko, but last week started having trouble with diarrhea. Immodium every two hours didn't do anything. Lomox, 2 tablets every four hours did nothing. Finally doctor put her on opium drops; slowed it down a little but really drugged her out badly--couldn't walk, talk, drink.

We've gone in for rehydration three times, so she's not getting too dried out, but need to find something to stop this diarrhea.

Rice, "binding" foods aren't working, they won't stay with her.
Am willing to try anything, but need some suggestions. What has worked?

Thanks much


  • tanya99
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    Hi Sondra,
    Try giving her banana which is not riped fully. Be careful it should not be riped.
    Usally i give it to my 3 year old son when he has diarrhea . I dont know how it works in this case.
    Take care
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    Hi sricar,5fu leuc nearly killed me with bowel osmossis(extreme diarrhea)was heading for renal failure ,went to 5 fu and levamisol at weekly doses for a year ,still had problems ,solved it with an irratable bowel prep called donnatabs (in australia) contains hyoscyaminesulfate ,atropine sulfate and hyoscinehydrobromide, worth a try worked miracles for me Cheers Ron.
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    I had diarrhea so bad from 5fu and leuk. that I ended up in the hospital for a week for TPN {IV fluids} that I continued at home for 3 weeks. Sandostatin sc was given to me. That helped, but I was unable to cont. my chemo. I received only 4 out of 12 recommended treatments. GOOD LUCK.
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    Hi Sondra,
    Just had this conversation with my on-call onc last evening, as I had bouts of diarrhea unlike anything I experienced before. Every time I took a sip of something, the stomach rumbles started. Finally the Immodium kicked in.
    The onc was talking about the possiblity of Sandostin (?Spelling?), which is given by injection. I have been taking Vicodin for pain from a blood clot, and that has some constipating properties without drugging me out too much.
    I also found that slightly unripe bananas will stay with me when others things just pass right through. Hope you find the right combo, let mom know we are all rooting for her. Judy
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    I don't know what will work to get this under control quickly but for ongoing prevention and care, the nutrionist at my husband's hospital recommended glatamine powder (10 g 3 x day - get doc to write prescription for it so you can try to get reimbursed from insurance), aloe vera juice (build up to 1/4 cup 3x day), and lactobacillus gg (or yogurt if you can find yogurt with ACTIVE cultures). speaking of yogurt, it's often the only thing that works for me when I am sick. so much of this is keeping 'bowel integrity' as much as possible through the treatment and to help facilitate recover afterwards. your mom may well need some strong drugs now but I know the nutrionist said they've seen a decrease of 90% in hospitalizations due to diarrhea if people followed this kind of regime religiously. talk to your doc and i hope your hospital has a good nutrionist (or your doc can find one).