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Hi iam currenty taking dexamethosone along with my chemo i take it two tablets the day before two the day of and two the day after.I went on ine this morign to try and find side affects becase iam woneringif it is causing isnomia it seems like when iam on it i have a harder time sleeping anyway i didnt find anything on that but i found a law suite for it.the did a study on new borns that they where using it on them for some rason and it shows that it has some bad side affects like slowing down motor skills lowee iq and so forth iam wonder could some of these side affects happen in adulst also i have notice my brain not wroking as well but i kept saying chemo brain,know iam wondering If anyone has any answers it would be greatley appricated.Thanks in advance Bunnie.


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    Hi bunnie:

    The dex. is a steroid and one of the common side effects of steroids is insomnia. You may want to talk to your doctor about it, if the insomnia lasts more than a few days after stopping taking it.

    If you go to: or or any other web-based drug reference site, you can type in the name of the drug you want to research and you'll get a wealth of info about it. Including what to avoid while taking it, the most common side effects, together with any potential, "call your doc immediately" side effects.

    Best wishes.

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    The side effects of the dexamethasone and of the chemo will go away. I promise. There is a beginning, a middle and an end to treatment. There has been some debate on whether one ought to count their years of being a survivor from the date of diagnosis, the date of surgery or what. I plan to celebrate the date that the treatments ended.
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    I take 10 dexamethasone tablets once every three weeks around my bad chemo day. Two the night before, two the morning of, two in the evening, and then two and two the following day. After several discussions with my oncologist about post chemo severe muscle and join aches and pains, and reviewing the fact that he thinks that I am taking excessive amounts of ibuprofen, he is talking about additional doses of dexamethasone as an alternative.

    My wife, who is a registered nurse by trade, tells me that dexamethasone is one really powerful steroid. Your post has highlighted the fact that some of my post bad chemo insomnia may be caused by the steroid. This insomnia is also accompanied by really weird, powerful, and vividly memorable dream sequences.

    I think I'm going to put up a post about the "puffer salad" dream. It's true. I dreamt it. And it's really pretty funny.