Headaches & Disorientation!!!!!!

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Hey Friends,
As some of you may know I had a large portion of my brain removed the beginning of Jan 2004. Lately I have been sufferring headaches that feel as if I am going to explode {my head} ...... I zig when I should zag & you may ask yourself why I am putting this on the breast cancer board? I have friends here & this is where I came when I first started with acscsn. I am trying to say that I guess I have been kind of absent since coming back & wish to apologise for this now. I have been to the Dr & he did tons of scans, bloodwork & concluded that this is standard. I almost walked out into the street in front of traffic not long ago!!!!! Anyway I am asking for prayers & I do have faith that this too shall pass. I want to become a vital part of this community & am heavily involved in alternative meds as opposed to the standard treatments. I believe that everyone who feels this way should please sign on board. I have been on alternatives for 2 yrs & without them I would have died. So much for chemo & radiation for me!! Last time I had chemo I almost died after 1 treatment & radiation is no longer a option for me ever again. Oh well I am afraid I have rambled enough for now. Please let me know if you are interested? I know some of you are already & we as cancer patients need to make as much noise as possible.
God Bless All
Love Cathy


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    Hi Cathy, I wonder if you remember me. I didn't you had surgery again and am so sorry. I assume the cancer got to your brain. I pray you'll make it through this too. Hang in there. Yes, I'd like to learn more about alternative medicine. I'll leave my e-mail in your mail box on this site. Hugs, Marie