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my dad had his last of 3 surgeries in november/december. right before x-mas, we got the great news that they had removed all the tumors from his colon and lungs and that they believed him to be "cancer free". now, 5 months later, his CEA level has increased from a 0.3 to a 6 and his chest scan has revealed a "mass" on his right lung. he is supposed to see his regular oncologist this week and then go to duke next week to see his surgeon to decide what to do next. every indication tells me that this "mass" is not good. i have also heard that if the cancer returns sooner than 1 year, that is not good, either. does anyone have any information or words of hope on this topic?



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    Cristi- I am so sorry to hear about your dad's setback. No it is not great to have a new mass appear, but do not give up hope.

    I had tumor recur 2 mth post op and rapidly progress. I had responded to oxaliplatin given after metastatic disease was found in my abdominal cavity. Although my oncologist thought, because of the rapid recurrance, that my tumor would not respond again, I am still here and feeling well 1 yr later with CT scans looking good. There are several new drugs available today that were not a year ago, so there are possibly a number of options. I believe that some people have had surgical resection of additional pulmonary nodules, or radiofrequency ablation which is less invasive to control lung tumors.

    Here is hoping that his oncologist and surgeon have more information and options for you both.

    Take care,

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    Hi Cristi, I want to tell you to not give up. I had a colon resection in July, 2003 and had a reoccurence in Jan, 2004. I have had chemo and radiation and will have surgery on thursday to remove the cancer and give me a permanent colostomy, so I am holding out hope that even when it recurs that we can do all we can to beat it and that it can be beat. Keep me updated. I really do care.
    Love and prayers, Judy H.