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Has anyone had treatment for lymphedema and what did they do and the outcome? Did you wear a compression sleeve----just a t nite or when?
Thanks Buffy(Marge)


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    Lymphedema is a very strange affliction. I never had swelling of the arm itself but have been diagnosed and have had treatment for it. Medically, Lymphedema can occur just about anywhere on your body most commonly to your arm. My surgeon referred me to Lymphedema massage therapy. They teach you how to do self massage and give you stretching exercises, at least mine did. I do wear a compression sleeve and glove when I travel by air.
    If you have been diagnosed your doctor would have the answers to who, what and where. If not contact the Lymphedema Society. Go online and just put Lymphedema in the key word, there are many web sites that will be helpful.
    Good luck. Nancy
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    Hi i also have been treated for lyphodima right know i am trying to get it under contorl myslef with the technics the theapist showed me.I cant even wear my wedding ring right know wich really sucks.but i also think that is the combination of being in chemo again.I wear my selvee quite a bit when iam home.Hope this helps.bunnie.
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    Type in lymphedema as keyword, there have many many excellent discussions on this in the past. All very worth while reading. Good luck. Linda
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    Hi Marge, I finished chemo and radiation in dec of last year and was treated for lymphedema by a very dear friend. I am an Occupational Therapist and so was my friend, she had just gotten lymphedema Certified. This a VERY SPECIALIZED area and you need to get a prescription from an doc for therapy and Find an OTR in your area that has been lymphedema certified. I have seen horriable loss of range of motion from woment not getting tx. God bless you, Julia

    PS You cannot wear a compression sleeve AT ALL unless you have cleared your other lymph nodes so the fluid has somewhere to go or you will make it worse!
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    I have only slight lymphedema but wear a compression sleeve and hand glove at night only. It was prescribed to me by my oncologist. It seems to help me.

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    Hi Buffy

    The treatment of choice for lymphedema is decongestive therapy. With this treatment you are able to reduce the limb swelling and maintain the size. You wear a compresssion garment during the day and most wear some type of compression sleeve at night.

    I was born with lymphedema and in 1995 was diagnosed with mixed Bcell lymphoma and in 2000
    with lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma.

    If I an ever be of help with lymphedema, please let me know.

    Pat O'Connor
    Lymphedema People
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    Hi Marge, I suffer from lymphedema following a modifeid radical mastectomy - my lymph nodes under my left arm were completely matted from the cancer - and had most of my underarm lymph nodes removed. The first thing you should do is go see a doctor specializing in lymphedema. You will probably undergo massage therapy, like most of the others who replied to your message. You will be given a script for a compression sleeve and glove. This could be generic or custom, and vary in the degree of compression, depending on the severity of your lymphedema. I have a custom sleeve and glove that I wear every day, with specific exercises I do twice a day (with the sleeve and glove on). I sleep with my arm elevated at night, or wrap my arm at night when it gets bad. My left arm is only 11% larger than the right one - down from the original 19%. Therapy does work - but you can also do alot to maintain things without therapy - don't lift or carry heavy objects with the effected arm, avoid hot baths or saunas, don't stay out in the heat and humidity too long, keep your arm clean and treat any cuts immediately, wear gloves when can go to any lymphedema site for a complete list. Good luck to you!