Maintenance Rituxan

eknowles Member Posts: 3
What drives the decision to start the maintenance Rituxan regimen? Is it some pathological or physiological change or condition? Or is it just a decision reached between you and the oncologist? Thanks in advance.


  • JOHN39
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    I believe it's the pharmacutical company's pushing it so the doctor's can get a kick back.
    It cost appox $15000 per treatment. I had the same decision to make in nov 2003. I took 8 treatments of chop therapy and my oncoligist wanted me to do rituxin as a maintenance therapy for the next 18 months. I talked to my specialist and he said that their is no data to show weather it helps or not. I decided not to do the rituxin . I told the oncoligist that I would waitful watch. My specialist also told me that if you take to much rituxin or chemo that you may become immunne to it when you need it most.
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  • benita
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    Hey, I have a doctor in my hometown and a specialist at Vanderbit in Nashville. I asked my specialist about maintenance Rituxan and he told me about the same as John39, that is, that there is not a lot of data supporting the benefit of it and that you could run the risk of becoming immune to it. Hope this helps.