we need a CURE!!

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hi all, i need to get this off my chest! today, all over the canadian news is pat burns former hockey coach for toronto maple leafs and now for the new jersey devils. he has been diagnosed with colon cancer. he will be starting treatment on monday which consits of five weeks of radiation and chemo then surgery...just like my mom.

in todays world everybody is getting some form of cancer and it's SO NOT RIGHT!!! instead of money spent sending people to the moon and researching if there can be life form one day on MARS can they not focus on US DOWN HERE and find a CURE TO CANCER!!!

(i live in toronto - a hockey city - the news of pat burns is everywhere)


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    Yes, I so agree. We need to concentrate more on things here. Sometimes, I think that they don't want to find a cure for cancer, because how many doctors would be out a job, and also the drug companies??? Just my thoughts. Talk to you again soon. I'm going through about the same thing that your mom is.
    Judy H(grandma047)
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    I heard that on the news today too, I'm from NJ. I agree with your thoughts on finding a cure for cancer and concentrating on the important things in life.
    Hopefully it will be in our lifetime.
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    Hi Julie,
    You've got my VOTE!!! Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you and Mary....

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    In the USA,it may never happen..just as the big oil companies keep alternative fuels away from the market, so will the AMA/Drug conglomerate place emphasis on profits, not cures. Follow the money..even if DNA or other research comes up with a cure, someone will own the patent on the raw material, and keep the price out of reach for
    as long as possible. It's a sorry system that needs to be completely overhauled. Vote with this in mind. Bud
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    You are so right, we need to concentrate on a cure for this deadly disease that affects so many people. However, until we make a big enough noise, it won't be done. So we must keep after the government (s) (including the Canadian govt) and the pharmaceuticals and our politicians. Thats the only way it will be done.

    I have been amazed at everytime I sign on to this site that the number of people who register to the cancer site has increased by almost a hundred every day. There are more than 1,000 new people registered to the colon cancer discussion site in the past year that I have been involved. It is amazing. If each of us made enough noise, perhaps something could be done. It is not enough to complain. You have to take action.

    I am now on the board of my local American Cancer Society and helping chair our annual charity event "The Cattle Baron's Ball". I know it is small compared to what we need, but everyone who complains, needs to do something and if we do enough, perhaps something will happen.

  • Hi Julie:

    I was born in Germany and raised in Ottawa, Canada and am a soccor and hockey fan to the core...I literally mean to the core, but I couldn't agree with you more. So much, in my humble opinion, wasted time and money is being spent on things that are of little value to us today for if we can't cure the illnesses that are killing all of us in droves, who the heck will live on Mars anyway...or for that matter, in some undersea city. What will it take?

    Monika, caregiver to Bert diagnosed stage III with 4 lymph nodes involved 7/03 On 5fu/leucavorin through 12/03...switched oncologists and; put on 5fu/leucavorin/oxaliplatin as considered high risk. To date, still on chemo...all scans continue to remain clean...including latest colonoscopy (4/04