After Tram Flap...problems

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Hi, I am still having a hard time finding someone who has had a double tram flap recontruct at the time of breast removal. I had this done on Feb 4, 2004, and my right side is still hard and painful and not seeming to progress as my left side has. The left side is soft and the swelling is less. This right side has a golf ball sized tissue lump at the top of it and the underarm area is still somewhat purple. I am really worried. After going through all this, I am afraid that more surgery to fix the right side is going to happen. I see my plastic surgeon in two weeks, but, if anyone has had this procedure, please let me know how you did.



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    I had a bilateral mastectomy and tram flap reconstruction a year ago in February. Both of my sides were fairly soft and fairly equal in the recovery. I've heard of people with one tramflap who have had a golf sized tissue lump. One woman had it removed because it made her anxious but the doctors didn't think it was necessary. she is a member of a cancer support group I go to. I haven't had any problems with the tram flap once I got drains out, etc. Let me know what your plastic surgeon says. Sandi