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I was diagnosed with BC in Nov. 2001, and went through lumpectomy, chemo and radiation. All is still well for me thankfully, but now my mother has a lump in her breast. She's having a needle biopsy tomorrow, and since I didn't have this done I'm wondering how it works. Do you get results of the pathology right away, or do you have to wait a couple of days for results? Does someone need to go with her for this procedure? How long does it last, and is it painful? I'd appreciate any insights from those who had this done.


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    I had a needle aspiration and tissue removed for the positive dx. For me it was a little painful having the needle aspiration done. I went by myself and drove myself. The pain quickly subsided. The whole procedure took maybe five minutes tops. Sorry but I can't remember exactly how long I had to wait for the results. I tend to believe it was almost immediately as they want to start treatment as soon as possible.
    Best of luck to your Mom.
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    Glad to hear all is well with you!

    As for the needle biopsy, I had one done last fall. They numbed the breast before doing the biopsy and I felt no pain at all. In fact they had a monitor there that I could watch the whole procedure on! It was black and white, so not bloody or gross...just saw this thin white thing (needle) go into the tumor and back out several times. The biopsy was done on my right breast and the monitor placed on my left side...good distraction. My doctor was great too, quite the talker and told me lots of funny stories about his childhood. He answered any questions I had during the procedure too. The nurses were wonderful and one held my right hand (which I had to position over my head the entire time) thru it all. The procedure lasted about 30 or 45 minutes if I remember right (I had two tumors to biopsy tho too). I had the biopsy done on Friday and the results were back by Monday late afternoon (they did say it could be as late as that Tuesday before the results came back). I drove myself to and from with no problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Lisa. Sorry you and your mom have to go thru this stuff. I think the answer to your question depends on what facility the procedure is done at. I had my mamo, sonogram, needle biopsy and received the results all at the same appt. My tumor was quite large so maybe they thought of me as an emergency. Call the facility today and ask what to expect. That way you can sleep more soundly tonight. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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    Hi Lisa,
    I am sorry your mom has to go through all this. First I am pretty sure there are several different kinds of biopys. I have had a needle biopsy done right in the doctors office, it took at least 3 days to a week for the results. This did not really hurt much at all. I have also had a core needle ultrasound guided biopsy which they insert wires then insert a needle and take samples of the tumor. They numb the breast first and it really was not painful at all. Because of my history of breast cancer they rushed the results because this was the other breast from the original cancer breast. The results took two days and were negative..THANK GOD!!
    I think you should call the doctor and get more information on the type of biopsy they will be doing. For my initial dx one year ago, I did not have a biopsy, like you just a lumpectomy, chemo and rads.
    Good luck with your mom, please let us know how she makes out.
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    Hi and God bless both of you.

    I had a Mammotome procedure, where they numbed me, made an incision and inserted a large needle into my breast, directed by mammogram while they were doing it. Once in place, they click a switch which caused blades to open at the end of the needle, whirring around and then the tissue was vacuumed by a loud machine back into a specimen container. The procedure took almost two hours. The one thing that happened was that they did not use enough numbing and it was quite painful for me. They use a butterfly bandage to close. The breast was really sore for days, but, I eventually lost it, so it was short lived. My results were back within two days. I think that it will depend on your areas pathology turn around time. Good luck and hug your mom for me. Jan
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    I had a fine needle biopsy done in May 2002 when my bc was diagnosed. It was done right in the doctor's office and it hurt hardly at all. It only took only about 5 minutes to perform and I had to wait 2 days for the results. Hope your mom's procedure is as simple and that the result is good news. Good luck!