aloe vera juice, zyflamend, maitake

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Hello! Has anyone used any of these along with their conventional treatments? My husband heard from a friend that the aloe vera juice is supposed to have something in it to shrink the tumor, and the other 2 are vitamins that work with the chemo. I am going to discuss these with my onc this week. He is very conventional in his methods, but unless he thinks something is contra to what he is doing, then he is supportive of me trying alternative methods along with the chemo regime. As yet, I have not tried anything, but I am especially curious about the aloe vera juice. From what I have found so far, there is something in it like an anti-tumor antigen that helps shrink tumors. I have mets to the liver, so that is specifically what we are working on currently.

Thanks, Michelle


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    Hi Michelle,

    I took aloe vera as it is very soothing for the colon. Maitake is a mushroom that is supposed to have anti-angiogenisis properties I's been awhile. But I took that too. The other thing I have never heard of.

    An excellent book that can help you navigate through this supplement/cancer/chemo questions is:

    Beating Cancer With Nutrition by Dr. Patrick Quillin. IMO it is a must for anyone dx'ed with any kind of cancer doing any kind of treatment.

    I have done many alternatives and have stayed cancer free for 2 1/2 chemo and was Stage 3 lymph pos. So there must be something to all those supplements, coffee enemas, carrot juice, aloe vera, yoga, prayer that is working!! :-)

    peace, emily who also recommends a liver flush for any colon cancer survivors
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    Hello! Although unlike Michelle I have done the conventional treatments, I have also consulted w/ a Naturopathic doctor at the University of Washington who I was referred to by my oncologist. He has been working w/ me the entire time and has had me on a variety of supplements when both on and off of chemo. I have not done the Miatake or the Aloe Vera juice, but have been on other things, such as citrus pectin, milk thistle (to protect the liver), among other things. I would recommend that you consult a naturopath in your area who has worked w/ cancer patients rather than trying to navigate this on your own. They go to four years of school post-graduate, just like an MD. In fact the first two years of med school are almost identical........Maybe there is someone in your area who your onc would recommend. Otherwise I am sure you can find one on your own.
    You also might consider asking your doctor about putting you on a Cox-2 enzyme inhibitor which has an anti-angiogenic effect in about 25% of colon cancer patients. Your original tumor could be tested to see if you are cox-2 dependant or not. There have been studies at U of Oregon and MD Anderson pertaining to this.
    Cheers, Susan