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What types of drinks besides water and Gatorade are best to take during chemo?
I am a 33yr woman dx with breast cancer currently doing aggressive chemo. 8 treatments - every other week - 4 Adriamycin & Cytoxan followed by 4 Taxol. Just finished AC. I'm tired of drinking just water and Gatorade.


  • bettygee
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    Hi, caja- I found herb teas such as mint and chamomile easy on the stomach and a nice break from water-ginger tea is especially helpful if you have nausea but I only found it in health food stores, you can make it by finally chopping ginger root, pouring boiling water over it and steeping it about 15 minutes then strain. It is a lot easier to use the tea bags if you can find them. All the best to you, hang in there! Betty
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    Any kind of fruit juice is good for you. I also like to squeeze a little fresh lemon in my water. It gives the water a change of taste. Chemo can cause constipation, so fresh fruits and vegetables were in my daily diet. You need to be sure to drink a lot of liquid and not get dehydrated so you need to like what you are drinking.
    Sounds like you are half way through your chemo. It is a good feeling when you have completed more chemo than you have left. Hope everything is going well with your treatments.
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    i only liked water when i was on chemo iwould put a slice of lemon
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    I couldn't drink water during chemo. It just tasted awful. What tasted best to me was to mix fruit juices with a little 7-up. When I wanted something hot, I often drank a celestial seasons tea called tummy mint or chamomile with honey. Hang in there. It will get easier! Diane
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    I had 12 weekly treatments of Taxol followed by 4 rounds of FAC. I remember coming home immediately after the Taxol treatments and craving milk (probably not the best if you are having problems with constipation). I also enjoyed the fruit juices (citrus juices may be bothersome if you have mouth sores) mixed with Sprite throughout chemo. You will get through this. Hang tough . . . Krista