Gliosarcoma - nausea 6 weeks after Gamma Knife

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My 41 year old female friend was diagnosed with Gliosarcoma - from biopsy taken during her December 10 2003 resection. She spent 6 weeks Jan thru mid February with radiation treatment. February 19th was Gamma knife procedure. March 8 had a seizure as a result of low blood sodium.

Since then, she has tremors and now for the past couple of weeks nausea has gotten progressively worse. A CT was ordered March 30 and after neurosurgeon review, there is supposedly no reason for the tremors and nausea.

The neurosurgeon has recommended psychiatric help.

She has not had any treatments since Gamma knife on Feb 19; so does it make sense?

She feels like an idiot having gone to a neurosurgeon to have them tell her the tumor is as it was prior; so therefore seek a psychiatrist?


  • Sounds like your friend is certainly having a tough time. The seizure and nausea could be caused by the Gamma Knife. Maybe radiation poisoning. Please let her know she is certainly not an idiot. And she does have the right to seek other help.
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    all of the information is very helpful as a 57 member of our family was diagnosed with glioblastoma last months. Things sound so scarey. Take dare Hope One