No Zometa for Bone Mets

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Is there anyone out there who's D.R. told them to wait to start Zometa? I am on Lupron (to induce menopause), sodium phenyl buterate(an alternative med) and chemo (xeloda) I have many bony mets(leg, pelvis, hips, ribs, chest, back) but not a lot in any one place. One D.r. recommended Zometa but my primary one says to wait because I'm on so much he won't know which is working. Is there anyone else out there who's got bone mets who's D.R. has not put them on a bone strenghening med/? P.s. Also have mets to liver.


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    Hi Cindy,
    I also have bone mets to several places..ribs,pelvic area, legs...I recieved chemo(A/C and Taxotere) from Jan. 03 to May 03 and then Onc. put me on arimidex in June 03..In August 03 he added Zometa and that is what I have been on since...My Onc did not put me on zometa right away, but I have heard from other people where their doc's did...Alot of them are just on the hormonal therapy too, maybe because we have had chemo first that is why our docs waited...I hope your xeloda works good on the bone and liver mets...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...

    God Bless,
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    My onc. started me Zometa immediately after dx. I've been taking it once a month for 2 years. He wants to keeps my bones strong--and warned me not to do any "weightlifting" type exercise. Always a concern about breaks. From what I've read, it seems to be a standard treatment for bone mets--I'd ask the onc. why the delay.

    My thoughts are with you. So many questions, so many different answers.

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    I'm HER2neu, diagnosed w/ bone mets aug 2001. On Herceptin and Zometa since, had hysterectomy oct 2001, told them to take ovaries too.
    I'd consider hys (no more Lupron), check tumor markers CEA and CA 27.29 and start Zometa.
    What's your HER2 status?
    How long have you been on Zeloda?
    One reason I'd hate to wait on Zometa is because it builds the bones and helps prevent further destruction. Seems like this would be important with any bone mets.
    God bless!
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    Hi i just started my first round of zometa last night i hae a chemo treatment and while there they went ahead and did one first treatment of zometa also.It sounds like i will probally be on in for the rest of my life once a month.Hopefully also last night was my last chemo but iam not holding my breath on that i go in for a check up on Thursday 4-8-04 and we will go from there they are thinking that they might want too do at least 6 more rounds of chemo becase they have seen some improvements.My cancer intially started as breast cancer and then just about one year too the date it moved into the lungs and rib cages so that is where iam at and why they have decdie too put me on zometa.Hope this helps you at some.Bunnie
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    Hi Cindy...I am currently on Zomeda but it took a while for mY Dr. t put me on it . He said it was relavant to the type of tumor that I have in many bones ie. if the bone lesions were "lytic" the zometa would not help. I am now on zometa. I hope this makes sense. Good luck and prayers.