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Hello, I had breast cancer in 1988 and received radiation & a few oral meds. My breast cancer came back & it's thrown me for a loop! It is in my Lymphnodes and it's aggressive. I was given my sentence (please forgive me for that, but Im very angry,sad & so scared!) I am HER2 positive and Im awaiting to hear if I am accepted into a clincial trial. I am suppose to start Dexamethasone / Herceptin / Doxil / Taxotere Can someone help me and give me some insight into these drugs. My prayers are with everyone out there & thank you. Onyx


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    I surely can understand you being angry, sad and scared-I have been there and feel sure many others with cancer have also. Sorry, I can not help with info on the drugs, those are not the ones I had, probably because mine was estrogen+. I just wanted to offer a little encouragement, I was told in 1999 my cancer was very aggressive and a cure was unlikely. I am still here, in relative good health although I have a recurrence in at least on lymph node, it seems to be responding to Armidex. I am glad you have been accepted into a clinical trial and hope and pray it will go well for you. Betty
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    Hey Onyx, hummingbyrd here. Sorry about the diagnosis, but hey it's beatable.
    Diagnosed 6/00 w/ 13 out of 27 + lymph nodes, ER+/PR+/HER2neu w/ bone metastasis 8/01. Been on Herceptin since aug 2001.
    This is NOT a death sentence, far from it girl, it's a new lease on life! For more on that go to (my website).
    Actually the drugs you listed have fewer side effects than most, say like adriamycin. You may not even lose your hair. Study up on good nutrition, light exercise and plenty of water.
    If you aren't acceptd into the clinical trial ask your doc; he can start you on all those meds anyway.
    God bless (((HUGS))) to you sweetie. hummingbyrd
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    Hi, I am currently on taxtere/dexamethasone. Expect hot flashes, aches in your joints and muscles and tiredness. I also lost my taste for a few days and experienced mouth and throat sores. There was also a change in the skin around my vagina. It darkened and itches for about a week. The great thing is that the systems due subside, but recur after each treatment. I have had 2 treatments with taxotere and have 2 more to go before starting radiation. It is hard, but please keep active as possible and avoid being alone if possible. I'm looking to join a support group so I don't feel so alone. Having cancer is devastating and everyone needs support. It might help to develop relationships with people with similar diagnosis.
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    I'm no help about the medications that you listed, but I wanted to give you some encouragement. I was diagnosed with b/c in 2000 and then a year ago 4/03 was diagnosed with melanoma. It's ok to feel angry, sad and all the other emotions that come with the diagnosis of cancer. While you're dealing with that, keep on fighting and don't give up...we're all in this together. You always have support here, so reach out whenever you need to. Also, the suggestion about getting out with other people -- I found that to be good advice for myself when I was having trouble dealing with cancer. When you're out with others, you can forget about your worries. If nothing else, it helps to pass the time. Take care.
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    Hi, I'm also sorry for your diagnosis. My tumor was also aggressive and had 3 pos. lymph nodes. I'm on Taxotere, Adriamycin, and Cytoxin. The Dex. is the steroid to help subdue the side effects, which I take before chemo treatments. The taxotere gives me muscle aches. This is how my first days go....Day 1 chemo, some slight muscle aches in lower back and legs about 2 hours after treatment. Food tastes weird for about 5 days.
    Day 2- by the night I'm tender to the touch behind my neck, over my shoulders, back, and upper arms. Day3- muscle aches in lower back and legs. The typical crummy feeling and no appetite. By day 4- the muscle aches have pretty much subsided, and I start to feel better, but still want to kind of lay around. My second cycle took longer to bounce back from, and I have 4 more to go. All-in-all, it hasn't been too bad. You just do what you have to do to survive! This place has been a tremendous source of support for me. And, a place to meet new friends! Keep coming back and let us all know how you're doing! And remember...everyone is different. Maybe you won't get any of these pesky side effects. Good luck!
  • Dear Onyx:

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this again. I was diagnosed in Oct. 2003 with a very aggressive tumor also. I haven't taken the drugs you're on... I had 4 A/C, then 4 Taxol. Had a real hard time with Taxol. I just wanted you to know that your message touched me and I'm praying for you. I hope you're accepted into the clinical trial. Hang in there and let us know how you're doing.

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    Hi Onyx....sorry to hear you have to go through more "stuff" related to this nasty disease. I was diagnosed in 1987, but have been fortunate not to have had any recurrences. I wanted to respond to your "angry, sad & so scared" comment. I can't imagine anyone not have that same reaction, and in this sisterhood that we all share, I'll bet there isn't one of us who would not have reacted the same way. Try to keep the spirit, and look for the sunshine after the's always there.

    Diane Wininger