dietary concerns

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does any of your doctors told you to watch your intake on seaweed, deepsea fish, etc. related foods??? thanks


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    Yes, it is called a Low Iodine Diet (LID). The reason is that our thyroid gland absorbs iodine in order to produce thyroid hormone. The purpose of the radioactive iodine treatment (RAI) is that the dose is absorbed by the thyroid gland and kills the cancer cells. If you eat a diet high in iodine, the radiation treatment is less effective, and therefore any remaining thyroid cells will not absorb as much radioactivity.

    You can purchase uniodized salt at the grocery store. Be sure to read the labels on your foods. Most prepared foods have iodine in it. My doctor didn't require me to go on a strict low iodine diet, but I did avoid seafood and very salty things.

    See They have some specific info about Low Iodine diets. There is also an online support group through yahoo. I have found this site very informative.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your scan.