My sis has CML

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Hi, my name is Maria and my sister was recently diagnosed with CML. She just started treatment this week by taking interferon. Can some one tell me the side affects from this drug or just past side affects they've had from chemo. I would appreciate it so much...thank-you!


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    Hi Maria,
    My name is Erica and i have ALL not quite the same, but i had chemotherapy too. I will tell you this, her hair will fall out, if not entirely some, my hair didn't completely fall out, my doctors said it had to do with the color of my hair,i dunno, i was nine at the time, also, she will be very tired at times, she may start having weird hours too. Like she might find herself awake at like 3am only because she was asleep all day, also if anything like me she have a loss of appetite but the doctors will help her by giving her something to stimulate it. And man it works trust me. i gained weight fast. Which i needed to help get through it because i was already a stick. I can't remember anymore at the moment,but i'm sure i will as i go along, but if you have any questions you should log into the chatroom, don't be shy a lot of people there might know the meds she's on. Also if you need to ask me more questions just leave me an email at my webpage here. i'll answer as soon as i get it. Tell your sister goodluck and be strong.

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    Hi Maria,
    Is there some reson why the Doctors started her on interferon, rather then gleevec. In most cases they always go with gleevev, because it has less side effects. And works really well with CML. What Hospital is she beeing treated at?
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    My father has A.L.L. He was we discovered it before Christmas of 2002. he was devistated and so were all of us. There are 5 of us in the family and I am the youngest . I am only 17 but I know everything about his illness and am trying so hard to make him feel like he's still my father and he's going to make it through all of this. He's only 45 years old and he's so strong because within his first treatment he was in remission. He's a fighter and I know he's going to make it. Even though he sometimes feels like crap, I still sit with him and talk to him because I don't want him to feel like he's sick. I want him to feel like he's fine. I am glade to say that he's doing much better and he's walking around much better. I hope your sister is going to be okay and if you need to talk to anyone I am here because it would be great to talk to someone who understands what I am going thorugh.
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    Hi Maria, I am almost 2 years in remission from ALL, so I know you are going through a really scary, uncertain time. But I want to reassure you that cancer is the #1 most curable chronic disease in America! And with leukemias, we have the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to turn to. Call 1-800-955-4572. They can give you the number to your local chapter and they can also give you lots of information right over the phone. They are VERY helpful and informative. Ask them to send you any information they have on CML, understanding blood counts, and anything they have on treatment. Thier pamplets are very easy to read and understand. They also have a program called FIRST CONNECTION. She can call that number & they will match her up with another survivor her age, who had her type of cancer, who can talk about thier experience and give her suggestions to get thru her journey.

    I know many people get cancer and think it is the end. Yes, life changes. But many good things can come from the changes as well -- a renewed appreciation for life, family, faith -- a chance to live the life you really want to live, to take chances you never thought you would, to live your life for others, to make a difference in other's lives...Yes there are challeneges ahead, but there will be many WONDERFULL memories too!

    I almost forgot!! LLS also has patient FINANCIAL AID!! $500 A YEAR for specific meds, transportation costs...also ask them to send you this info as well.

    Hope this helps! Keep you faith, buy your sister some soft hats, bandanas, baseball caps if her doctor says that she will lose her hair -- I am not familiar with that medication -- I lost it twice and LOVED BEING BALD!! :)

    Blessings! Let me know if I can help. Kathy aka Tiggertoo