breastfeeding with Paget's

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I'm looking for someone in a similar situation. I am a young mom with 2 small children, one who is still nursing. I was diagnosed with Paget's Disease in Feb. and also had a mastectomy with reconstruction on the right side. I am having a hard time finding people in my situation. I don't know at this point what my treatment will be, but I plan on continuing to nurse my baby on the left side as long as possible. I am looking for support regarding my situation. I would appreciate any responses.


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    I don't have a similar situation, but offer support to you. I had children, breast fed them, raised them to college age, then I got breast cancer! Keep reaching out, and someone in a similar situation will come forward -- until then, know that there are plenty of us out here, maybe different situations, but in the same boat! Enjoy your little ones; take care of yourself.