abdominal lymphoma / eating habbits

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How can I encourage the eating habbits, and the will to want to fight this cancer for my father.


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    I was diagnosed with the same type of lymphoma about 2.5 years ago. My MD took a wait and see approach and to date, I've had no pharmacological treatements. My nodes grew very slowly until last fall when I notice a significant amount of growth, particulary in my neck, under my jaw and groin areas. I visited my MD in January. CT scan confirmed what I already knew. In fact, the MD asked if I was having trouble buttoning my shirt collar and suggested that I would need chemo soon.

    Instead, I decided to try a high pH protocol and made a complete change to my diet, eating only foods that are nutritionaly valluable. I started thisw regimen about six weeks ago. In these few short weeks, my nodes are now half the size they were!

    The fundamental substance taken in high pH therapy is Cesium. There is a lot of information on the web about Cesium. You can do a search for: high pH thearpy and you will find volumes of information.

    I don't know if the Cesium will cure my cancer, but based on the results to date, I am quite hopeful. I have also communicated with others who followed the same protocol as I am and, without exception, have heard only positive things. I talked to a woman in California who told me that she had nodes removed, took chemo and radiation, and tested negative for about a year. Then the lymphoma showed up again very agressively. Her MD recommended she immediatley begin a new course of chemo. She refused and opted for high pH therapy instead. She told me that after about nine months, she has now tested completly negative.

    You should also consider diet. MD's are generally completely in the dark when it comes to nutrition. A good place to start understanding cancer and nutrition is a book now in the stores: Super Foods Rx by Stephen Pratt, MD. I highly reccommend it.

    If you would care to call me about this information, feel free.

    Don Engel