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Hello all,

I am currently on Folfox and have 5 more treatments. Today I asked my oncologist if I would be elligible for Eributux. Since I am stage 3, my insurance would probably not cover it. However, he did say that either Eributux or Avistan (sp) would become the standard treatment in the near future to be given with Folfox(5Fu. leuv. and oxaliplatin)for Stage 4 patients. Since I do not have a tumor, there would be no way to test if I have the type of cancer that responds to Eributux. He also mentioned the rash that is a side effect of this drug. He said that it was pretty severe and that if the drug was working, everyone would probably have that side effect.

I had a resection in November and my cancer was contained in the polyp, but there were 3 out of 31 lymph nodes that tested positive. My oncologist said that usually it penetrates the bowel wall before going to the lymph nodes, but mine was not typical. Anyway, I am tolerating chemo very well. Just a little tired for a few days following treatment. I refuse to think negative thoughts and have altered my eating habits. Giving up Diet Dr. Peppers has been harder on me than the chemo. Ha! My oncologist is treating me very aggressively and I'm grateful for that. I am blessed with a wonderful support team. I continue to pray daily for each and every one of you.


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    Hello....well, my understanding is that Eributux shrinks tumors, but does not "prolong life" whatever that means. Avastin shrinks tumors and prolongs life (for like 4 extra months).....since you do not have a tumor to shrink, I do not think you need either one of them. Just a question, why is your doc going for the oxy w/o giving you Camptosar first? I was told that I was given Camptosar first, because if I had a recurrence after that I needed to save the Oxy as a "last ditch effort".....
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    Hi K,
    Your situation sounds similar. I had a small, non-penetrating tumor and 1+ out of 7 nodes; I am only on 5FU and leuco; my onc has said that Oxaly and Campostar were not indicated. Now I have another question for my onc at my weekly appt tomorrow. I find the fatigue from my regimen pretty amazing...feels like I'm walking in waist deep water around day 3 or 4 post-tx. I've had 2 procrit inj, but even with my hematocrit back up, I still feel tired. Judy