Started my web page!

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After feeling pretty "down" last night, I decided to put together my web page. Before I did, I read a lot of other web pages and it really made me feel so connected to everyone. I especially enjoyed the ones with photos - a real face - so I added a photo to mine too.

Thanks again everyone for all your support. Everyday my prayers are for each one of you and that we can get rid of this awful disease.



  • rep801
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    Kerry, isn't amazing how something as simple as putting up the web page helps. Nicely done.

    Hang in there girl.

  • StacyGleaso
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    Great job Kerry! This place is cheaper than a therapist, and much more fun!

    Keep that chin up!

  • aspaysia
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    Kerry, I enjoyed your web page with the photo of you and your children. You are so pretty and I can tell where the girls get their looks.

    You will not be alone for long once you get over this bad patch and start living again. I would date you myself if I were inclined that way.

    Aspaysia, the old doll by the seaside.