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Will be starting chemo very soon. Would like to know how you find out who are the BEST Oncologists. The surgeon who did my surgery referred me back to the Oncologist who referred the surgeon to me.Have only met the Oncologist once---would like to line up someone else if I need to get a second opinion. Have gone through the yellow pages and called a few groups but still do not know who are the best. How did you all get the names of the Dr's who gave you Chemo and Radiation.
Thanks in advance for any information.


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    Hi Bill,
    Thank you so much for all the information you have given us. I was diagnosed with EC on Christmas Eve 2003 and had surgery Jan 30th 2004. I did not find out about this forum until after I had surgery. My tumor was at the junction of the stomach and esophagus. Will certainly follow up on the lead you gave us to see Dr James Shaw at MCV. Just my wife and I, and since Christmas Eve everything has seemed like a bad nightmare to us. We are both determined to fight this and with the help of God will get through it. So glad that everything is turning out so well for you.
    The information and support you have given us (wife and I)is priceless. Please keep in touch.

    Clyde. (Richmond,Va.)