Erbitux : is it worth it?

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Hi all,

I receive a wonderfully informative newsletter each week from a former researcher with Memorial Sloan-Kettering. These past few weeks he has been focusing on Colorectal drug treatments and their effectiveness. If I were more computer savvy I would just cut and paste it over here....but alas I am not. Nanuk tried to help but well....

So I am just going to highligh a few quotes and anyone who is interested in the whole article(s) please feel free to email me on my ACS addy and give me your home email and I will send it along. I assume you can read it yourself at his website But if not let me know.

"Erbitux effectiveness not proven to increase cancer patients survival time.

....acne-like rash in 90% of patients....serious to severe in 12%

...73% exhibited weakness and malaise
72% diarrhea
55% nausea
41% vomitting
45% abdominal pain
30% constipation

....inflammator or infectious conditions especially of the eyes were seen.

...Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) has also been reported. This is a condition that occurs when the lungs become inelastic due to scarring of the tissue between the air sacs. (similar reaction in Iressa led to withdrawal in Japan)....."

This is the drug deal that Martha Stewart was convicted of insider trading stuff. It was touted but from what I read it's mostly with everything...follow the money.

This week he is discussing Avastin. ....another one to do your research on before accepting what they tell you.....and not from the company but read it from someone who has nothing to gain personally or financially from the "slanted" info.

peace, emily who continues to look for answers


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    Hi 2behealed: Thanks for the info. The onc. is talking about putting my husband Hunt on this treatment if he fails oxaliplatin. We will know this next week. He has tolerated oxaliplatin, but I am skeptical about erbitux. Hopefully we will not need this drug. But he is stage 4, so if you are a believer, add us to your prayers. Wishing you good health, good news. Fondly Schoolgirl.
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    Are you talking about the Moss Report? I get their newsletter but do not always get around to reading it.

    My brother is a stockbroker and he said Imclone got greedy and fudged the results the first time so the FDA would not approve the drug. If Erbitux is so lame it makes you wonder why it was ever put on the market. The real testing is done on the public.

    Patients are begging the doctors for a cure and the government agencies are in bed with Big Pharm and they in turn give big grant $$ to the researchers (including some docs) and the wheel goes 'round and 'round. As my brother says, "They are all crawling up each others' ***holes."

    I find these little reply windows so tiny it's hard to paste things but it can be done. I would complain to Jose but he takes forever to reply to petitioners on the CSN site. Doesn't anything work any more?

    Aspaysia whose favorite combo is ctrl+alt+del