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My wife is stage 4 with many liver mets. Was diagnosed in December. They say the liver is unoperable, she will have to fight this as a chronic disease with chemo. She has spent 26 days hospitalized for side effects of the chemo, so she is not tolerating it well. No mention of radiation. I am hoping to find some positive stories from others in this bleak situation.


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    Tedalan: This is a wonderful site for information and support. My husband also has stage 4 colon cancer, mets to the liver and 17 out of 18 lymph nodes diseased. He has tolerated the chemo except for the very tired feeling. What kind of chemo is she on? They also told me that his liver was unoperable, but if all else fails they may try radiation. This may help: He started out with 5Fu, leucovorin and camptosar for 6 months, tolerated ok with the help of nausa pills. He was clear for 45 days, CEA went to 24.9 and mets on the liver again. At the present time he is on eloxatin (oxaliplatin), 5Fu, and LV for 55 continuous hours. We have finished 5 treatments and will start the final one tomorrow (Monday) than he will be scanned after about 7-10 days to find the results. He has stayed very positive and has wonderful faith. If you are a believer, pray, pray, pray...... we know that prayer works for us. When my husband was first dx, they told me 6 months he would probably be in bed with no quality of live. That was one year ago on March 3, 2003. Also, our onc. told us that oxaliplatin is now the first line of treatment for newly dx colon cancer patients. Hope this has helped, if nothing else........ know that you have support here. schoolgirl
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    I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I have stage 4 disease diagnosed 9/02. I had small peritoneal metastases and eventually liver and lymph node metastases. I have been on oxaliplatin/Xeloda for 8 1/2 mth, which shrank my lymph nodes. My liver mets are no longer visible on CT.

    You do not mention what chemotherapy your wife has been on, or whatside effects caused the hospitalization. Some people respond better to one chemotherapeutic drug than another. I had a much more difficult time with CPT 11 (although I was receiving radiation therapy at the same time.)

    I have not had to seriously consider other options yet, but are other treatments that have been described that may apply to your wife. Has your wife been evaluated at a major cancer center? These facilities often participate in clinical trials which might offer access to new drugs not otherwise available.

    Although radiation therapy using an external beam is not used over the whole liver, infusions of little spheres coated with radioactive material (Theraspheres ) have been used. Some people have been given chemotherapy into the artery going directly into the liver to achieve a higher dose of chemotherapy there.

    Avastin, the recently approved Vascular endothelial growth factor inhibitor has helped some, as has Erbitux, the recently approved epithelial growth factor inhibitor.

    Here is hoping that things turn for the both of you soon.

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    Ted -

    If you are looking for uplifting stories, pick up a copy of "Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul". It's wonderful.

    Now, I'm not a "Chicken Soup" or "Small Stuff" kind of guy. In fact when I picked up the book, I thought it was a book about the loss of a spouse and I was thumbing through it thinking about buying it for my mother (who had just lost her husband). As I read the anecdotes it contained, I quickly changed my mind and bought the book for myself (Divine intervention?).

    Keeping you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers.

    - SpongeBob
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    Hi Tedalan,

    I was stage 4, diagnosed in Oct 2001. I was fortunate enough for my liver mets to be handled through surgery. I had a temporary ileostomy, which was reversed after 6 months of chemo. Today, I am fine. I had a CT scan this past Saturday morning, the 6th, and although the techs don't give you the results, I did receive a pat on the back with a "We'll see you in a year!" comment. Makes me think all is well.

    Please stay strong for your wife, she needs you now more than ever. Take each day as it comes, some will be great, and some will be really lousy. Small steps lead towards great achievements...

    You'll be in my thoughts,

  • Tedalan, my name is Monika and I'm care giver to my husband Bert diagnosed stage IIIC July/August 2003. While I don't have any experience dealig with liver mets as Bert had none, and hopefully will stay that way, you most definitely have come to one of the greatest boards on this topic on the net. The people here are mostly all survivors of this terrible disease and some of us are still fighting it (not yet through with treatment, etc.) You will find posts from many stage iv's who have beaten the odds, sometimes with much adversity thrown their way.

    Take a few minutes to browse through some of the personal web pages and you'll just find more fuel for your fire on how to beat this disease. Also, check out the stories from stage iv survivors...awesom.

    Although I am sorry that you need to be here, I am glad you found us and welcome you.

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    Welcome Tedalan from the land of OZ--can only offer support and our best.
    As my wife Jen is my carer--(I had bowel cancer) I can only say that you WILL find times very trying--you will need to be extremely tolerant of your wifes emotional state.That is not to say she will become difficult--everyone suffers emotionally including yourself.Be aware that there is help everywhere to support you including us "semi-colons"
    Do not try to cope with this by yourself.
    As schoolgirl said-there is hope mate!
    You already have replies here with encouraging news!
    Help your wife fight this with all the love and support I am sure you will give--god knows I could not have coped without my dear Jen!
    We both wish your wife the best and I pray you can find the support you both need.
    luv and hugs -kanga n Jen