inflammatory breast cancer

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I was diagnosed with IBC in January. Have had two chemo treatments and already a trip to the hospital (5 days)because dr. wasn't watching my labs and my white count went way down. Is it common for chemo to include steroid drugs?


  • shirleyf
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    I have had ibc for 3-1/2 years and have been treating continuously. It is my understanding that steroid drugs are often given prior to chemo to guard against a bad reaction to certain chemotherapy drugs.
  • lynne40
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    As I understand it the steroids are given to combat the nausea or at least lessen it because extreme vomiting would have its own set of problems.
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    Yes, I do believe it is standard of care to include steroids (decadron) with chemo. This is what might make yu ravenously hungry after treatment, and can also lead to severe water retention (swelling of extremities). I gained 15 pounds from this......but it does come off once treatment is done...
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    hello my wife has had Inflammatory Breast Cancer for 3 years and has had 3 full courses of chemo. She has been given steroids on occassions to help prevent swelling of the limbs and sickness. It seems quite normal/routine to give steroids with certain types of chemotherapy. Hope this helps. John