Best treatment option to prolong remission

My Mom was diagnosed with stage IV(B) uterine cancer with metastasis to the lung 11/03. She receives her 5th chemo treatment w/ Taxol & Carboplatin next week. Her oncologist expects her ct scans the following week will show she is in remission. If scans confirm remission, we were given 3 treatment options: Hormone therapy with Megace, Taxol every 4 weeks for 3 or 6 months, or we could watch and wait. Hormone therapy is standard, but how well does it work? Is Megace the best one? Are the side effects common/severe? He suggested the Taxol regimen because of the study with ovarian cancer showing it prolonged remission. Has anyone else heard of trying this approach with uterine cancer? Has anyone tried the watch and wait option with advanced or recurrent uterine cancer? Are these the only options available? I appreciate all of your input.


  • windycitygirl
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    I would check into another cancer treatment called I.P.T. (insulin potentiation therapy). There are only a few doctors that are trained to give it in the United States. Hope this helps.