getting my results

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tomorrow morning i have an appoitment with my oncologist , that is when i will be getting the results for the bobne scan and the cat scan i had done on the 16 of february if everthing is ok than she will order for my port to come off.
I am so scared that the results wont be good (mind racing??) please pray for me that all will look good


  • chenheart
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    Oh sweetie~I know how scared you are...and all of my best wishes and positive thoughts are with you. I sure wish I had magic for all of us in this room! I imagine we are all forever touched by this damned cancer, and play the waiting game ...Good luck sweetie! I pray you have the strength to cope with whatever outcome the scan shows~I think that courage and hope are all any of us has...Love you! Claudia
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    dear mom
    My grandaughter came by today and gave me a medal to carry in my purse. On it it said "This too, Shall Pass". If I could hand you this medal I would pass it along to you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. It took a young girl to see through me and knew what I was feeling this really opened my eyes. You must have Faith. You are Loved by many.
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    My prayers are with you.
    May God bless you with good results.
    (((HUGS))) hummingbyrd
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    Good luck. I am praying for you. I am a Mom of 4 too. Think positive Lean on God Keep us posted Hugs,