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Hi everyone. My father was dx with prostate cancer about a year ago. He had surgery and not to long after they found that the cancer had spread. They havent decided on a tx for that yet and are just giving him hormone shots to prevent further spreading. He has been pretty depressed ever since and doesn't have much hope inside. He never regained control of his bladder so that has gotten him upset as well. Especially because he is only 47. The docs talked to him today about a surgery in which they put a "AMS sphincter 800" inside of him. Basically it acts as a sphincter that would normally control urination and he would have to use a pump when he went to the bathroom. I read about all of the implications, contraindications, precautions, malfunctions. I would like to know if anyone has actually used one of these so I could find out from a person who isn't trying to sell it on us how these really work. So please reply if any of you have any knowledge on these things. He doesn't want to do this and then have even more problems. The stats on the website are real weak and don't reveal a whole lot of important information. Like I said, he is very frustrated. My fiancee died of cancer after battling for about 2 years. My dad sees all of the things he went through(even though it was a completely different situation) and figures that people die anyway and he is in a lot worse health than my fiancee was. (He was only 23) So needless to say, his spirits are down and I would just like to give him some info from a real person-not a doc. Thanks. Sorry for rambling


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    Wow. Don't know where to start or if even qualified.
    Let me first say, I assume you have talked to several doctors and are receiving varied and different professional (opinions)?

    Secondly, would it make sense to delay any decision on the "AMS sphincter 800" untill and AFTER a decision on what type of treatment is recommended and performed? Ie.. radiation could inflame the area of the device causing more problems and even having to have it re-done or removed? I don't know but I would be more concerned about this issue now verse having it installed untill after healing from the treatment to come?

    Is it possible that having the AMS ... 800" put in now would be affected negatively etc.. based upon the cancer treatment? My point is, could it just make his quality of life worse?

    Would there be a benefit to agressively treating the canceer and THEN worry about the urniation? Getting information is still a good thing but, I would ask about which should happen first?

    Besides, I read an article the other day that indicated the return time from surgery to full recovery (or the best possible) is about 40 months??!! If true, (only one isolated article) your dad may be rushing a decision or have them in reverse order?

    Either way, I hope some of our other members can provide first hand experience on your question.

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