CPK Radiosurgery

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My husband was diagnosed with nasopharengeal cancer 10-01. Up until this month we thought it was gone. He went through alot and had a feeding tube and his throat completely closed due to radiation therapy. He is still going every 6 weeks to get it dilated. He developed double vision due to cancer cells that were hiding and developed into a mass. He just had CPK radiosurgery. We are anxious to know the outcome and I would like to hear from anyone who has had this done. We now have to wait 2 months to see if it worked.


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    Dear Lee:
    I personaly have no experience with nasopharengeal cancer, I have had ovarian cancer since 1999. I have gone through 3 recurrences and multiple rounds of chemo and 2 big surgeries. In October 2003 my tumormarkers had gone all the way up to 720 (below 35 is normal) and I decided to try something different. I went to see an alternative doctor in Atlanta, Dr. Stephen Edelson, and after 3 months of treatments my tumormarkers are now below 20! Please give the man a call (404 841-0088) and see what he has to offer. He has helped many cancer patients!!!
    Good Luck!!! Let me know how your husband is doing!