Can anyone help me figure this out?

My mother-in-law was diagnosed w/ cervical cancer a short while ago. The determination was made that she would undergo a hysterectomy as treatment. They went in this morning and apparently found that the cancer had spread a bit more than they had previosly assumed. They saw enlarged lymph nodes and removed some lymph tissue from each side for testing. They examined inside the vagina and rectum and the doctor said that neither of these organs were involved (good news). This is where my confusion lies...Dr. said treatment would go as follows: 1 week of chemosensitivity, followed by two weeks of external radiation, followed by internal radiation, then a week off, followed by one more week of internal radiation and that would be the end of it. From what I have researched online it seems that chemosensitivity is a testing procedure done prior to chemo in order to best choose appropriate medicines for the patient. Why would they be doing that prior to radiation? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I had cervical cancer in 1997 and had a hysterectomy then several rounds of Chemo, 35 treatments of external radiation and 5 weeks of internal radiation. I would go and ask questions. Find out why they are treating her that way. Most everyone does undergo different treatments. Just don't be afraid to go with her and ASK questions. I had my sister and husband go with me to ask question that I didn't think of. There are no questions that should not be asked.