Ovarian Weight Gain

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My saga with breast cancer actually with surgery to remove an ovarian tumor. My sister was an ovarian cancer survivor, but I was very nervous. During an appointment to get a second opinion on the ovarian surgery, the GYN surgeon found the breast lump (which had been missed by mammogram, my OB/GYN and me!), so I consider myself an extremely lucky person. The breast cancer surgery took precedence since they were positive that one was cancer and the other was only "possible." Three weeks after my original lumpectomy I had a bi-lateral oopherectomy and thankfully the tumors in both ovaries were benign. Sorry for being so long winded - my question is to those of you out there who have also had their ovaries removed. Did you experience a big weight gain afterwards? I'm ER/PR negative so am not on Tamoxifen or Arimidex so that's definitely not the cause. I've always had to battle my weight through dieting and exercise, but I've been pretty successful at keeping my weight in a good range. But ever since the ovarian surgery I've gained a permanent 15 lbs. - and this with eating and exercising the same. My sister, who had extremely slender her entire life suddenly got fat at age 50 after her ovarian surgery. I'd already been in menopause for 6 years at the time of the surgery so that wasn't it either. Any clue as to what's up with this? Don't get my wrong, I'm thankful to be a survivor but not at being a fat survivor! Ellen


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    Interesting question. I had bilateral mastectomy last February and 6 months of chemotherapy. December 2nd I had a total abdominal hysterectomy because of the BRCA1 gene and family history of ovarian cancer. I lost about 30 pounds during chemo (I needed to lose it). Now my weight is up about 5 pounds, but I think its because I'm not exercising and I'm eating more. I guess I can't answer your question. I believe your metabolism slows after menopause and you have to eat less to weigh the same, but I'm not sure if weight gain is consistent. What I've learned from being on ths site frequently and from my cancer support group is that everyone is different and has to struggle with different issues even when it seems that our treatments are the same. You must have been so relieved when the tumors were benign. I think I was pretty convinced I had ovarian cancer too and was really relived. I don't think I've focused on the weight yet. I did start weight watchers before the hysterectomy and find that helpful. Good luck. Sandi
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    I had my ovaries removed last May and I gained about 15 pounds as well. But more importantly, I gained it around my belly. So clothes that used to fit, didn't fit anymore. It has slowly started to go away and I don't feel like I have a tire around my waist anymore, but the pounds are still there. My nurse at my onco's office said that the same thing happened to her when she had some gyno surgery. She said that she couldn't think of any medical reason why it happened but it did and that she had heard of other women with the same problem. At the time she said that she was slowly losing it and the same is true for me as well. It is slow but I am feeling better now.

    Hope this helps.