Update: Poss.OvCa surgery

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Just to let you know, I did have my surgery last Tues. and all went well. They removed my ovaries. (This was my 6th abd. surgery, incl. 2 cesareans, 1 previous partial hyst., 2 hernia repairs.) Prayerfully, it's my last.

The biopsy and all final tests came back benign (no cancer). So I thank all of you for helping me go through this. I was given a 50/50 chance of Ca -- not good odds, I didn't think. But all is well. And I am thankful, & will continue to praise God!

I have prayed for all of you here; that you have better news, and that you will be given peace. Thanks again for being there. I wish you all well. God bless.

Sincerely, and always...


  • BonnieR
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    Glad all went well and there was no cancer. 50/50 isn't too bad of odds actually I think many women have them odds. So hopefully you are on the 50 good side and I'm sure the Drs will be watchfull.Take care of yourself and God bless. BonnieR
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    Glad to hear that everything went well and there was no cancer. I pray that your recovery from the surgery is fast and goes well. God Bless.
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    Thank you for the thoughts, Blessed, and thank God you're not going to have ovarian cancer- ever!

    Live your life well, and enjoy your children!
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    What a wonderful piece of news! Now you can move on with your life. Please take care of yourself and enjoy each moment. My best to you and prayers for continued good health!
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    Yea! Great news! Hope you have a speedy and safe recovery. I wish you happiness and pray for your continued good health.