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Okay here goes. Had stage 2b breast cancer in 4/2000, had mascetomy. Did the chemo., then last year ended up haveing to have hysterectomy, and the found the cancer was in the ovaries and no where else so they just had me go on armidex instead of the tamoxfien. Well they finally had me have a pet scan for the first time last week. Came back the chest they said was cloudy ,when all my other scans have been comeing back okay, they want me to go for another bone scan on monday, and the pet also showed a spot on my liver. The radiologist who read the pet says probable metatsis, but apparently on my other scans which were done at a different hospital said they thought was just a cyst on my liver which was benign, but am haveing a biopsy of the cyst and liver on tues. Now after all the babbling just wanted to know if anyone else has had a false reading from a pet scan? Thanks for letting me vent, just feel like i'm loseing it all over again....Shell


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    When I first suspected BC I had a PETScan. My mammogram and ultrasound showed 2 cysts with a "shadow" between them. No one seemed concerned, but I was. My best friend worked for a top
    radiologist that had a PETScan and so that was where I went. The scan did not show a tumor but the doctor being excellent felt that there was a
    slightly higher reading on my right breast and said, go have that biopsy. I had three biopsies and the first two were neg and third one positive. I had
    a difficult to see tumor on the other scans. That doctor saved my life. I believe that it depends on the radiologist that is reading the scan. Ask for a second opinion of the reading.
    Nothing againest the doctor that read it, but get a second opinion. PETScan's read the glucose in the body and cancer cells are drawn to sugar. That's how this scan works. Four yrs later I still have bone scans done every year. I also take Arimidex as I had reactions to Tamoxifin. I sure hope that the spots seen are beniegn, but it's better to know the enemy and that's what the PETScan can do for you. Wishing you a healthy future....
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    Tis true, cancer feeds off of sugar, and PET scans use radioactive glucose to 'light up' suspicious areas. On a positive note, PET scans are known for false positives, meaning they tend to 'overdiagnose'. They are SO sensitive lots of reading that show cancer are actually benign. Praying that is the case with you!
    God bless. hummingbyrd