Is the LEEP diagnostic or treatment?

I am so confused? I have Carcinoma in situ diagnosed from a colposcpoy, and my dr calls that "cancer". I have read and understand that it is "pre-cancer" to most and I am not sure why he calls it "cancer". Today I had my pre-op visit for my LEEP on Monday. My dr acted as if the Leep is diagnostic and from it we might find the there is invasive cancer. Has anyone had CIS/CIN III from a colposcopy and then found out they had actual "cancer" when they had the leep? I am just a bit nervous and trying to figure out how worried I should be about the results! Thanks!!!


  • nkern
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    Yes and no. For me they skipped the LEEP and went right to a cone biopsy, but if the cancerous area had not been so large they would have tried a LEEP. So it can actually be used to remove the cancerous area or see how deep it actually goes. One positive note... the fact that they are doing a LEEP tells me that they do not believe it is big time invasive. I was told that the reason they did the cone biopsy on me was because they would have to go so deep and be able to open the cone extrememly wide to remove the cancerous area. The LEEP procedure has taken care of cancerous cells for a couple of my friends. Good luck and God Bless.
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    I had the LEEP diagnostic or treatment. The doctor said that it turned out to be cancer and referred me to another doctor that had no heart. The things that he said was just cruel. He refused to do the cone, he insisted on doing a hysterectomy and nothing else was going to do. I will never go back to shands even if I was dying.
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    One of my docs said "in situ" cancers are itsy-bitsy and self-contained, and they can be plucked right out without anything left behind or any spreading to other places. If you have to get cancer, this is the kind to get.
    ACS offers lots of info. on cancer - just click on "Cancer Information" above. The glossary says this: "carcinoma in situ: (car-sin-o-ma in sigh-too ): an early stage of cancer in which the tumor is confined to the organ where it first developed. The disease has not invaded other parts of the organ or spread to distant parts of the body. Most in situ carcinomas are highly curable."
    Also "in situ: (in-sight-oo ): in place; localized and confined to one area. A very early stage of cancer."