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Hi my name is Chris. I have a HS friend who is a Breast Cancer survivor. She is 33, 2 children under 5 and a husband who's shop is on strike. Her husband pays alimony (a substantial amount)to his 1st wife and right now they have no money coming in. He has been on Strike for the last few months and in that time she found a lump, had a lumpectomy and then a couple of days later had a masectomy (sp) and her first treatment of aggressive chemo on 12/24. They went to court to ask for relief and the judge denied them because they didn't prove it well enough. Does anyone have any legal background that can help them? Please, I don't know where to go and I am so worried about my friend, she is on the brink of a severe depression and I don't know how to help her and I love her dearly. I am grateful for your time and hopefully your help.


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    Perhaps if she calls the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, someone will be able to guide her in what to do next