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Has anyone ever tried insulin therapy or ukraine or hyperthermai therapy for met. head and neck cancer to the lungs? If so did it work and what was your experiences? Help, cbecker


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    I am also looking for individuals who have tried Ukrain or even studies done within the US. Please post if you find any. I don't believe that there have been any clinical trials in the US. The only lead I've found concerning results from use of the drug (in US) is a lab experiment with mice at Bethesda. Apparently the code given to Ukrain is NSC-631570 (National Cancer Institute , Bethesda, Md). If I find any more leads, I will pass them on.
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    I have had ovarian cancer stage IIID since 1999 and have gone through all the usual treatments, chemo, surgery etc. with all the side effects and problems that can stem from that. In October 2003 my tumormarkers had again crawled all the way up to 720 (under 35 is normal) and I had to make a decision on more chemo. I decided to try the insulin therapy, combined with ozone blood washes, megadoses of Vitamin C, and Laetrile. I took treatments at Dr. Stephen Edelson's office in Atlanta and within 3 months my tumormarkers went from 720 to 25! And very, very little side effects!! I had a clean CT scan last week and am extremely pleased with these results! We are now discussing a maintenance program and building up the immune system. Dr. Edelson is very thorough with testing before he starts treatments and in my case discovered that I have lead poisoning, which might explain why my immune system is not doing it's job properly. Now, that I am finished with the insulin therapy, we can do a de-tox program for the lead poisoning.
    By all means, give the man a call at 404 841-0088!
    Best of luck to you!