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I have been having some problems for a while. Its only getting worse but my doc keeps saying its only a little infection only she can't find anything all is coming back neg. from the pap to vaginal testing. They did a ultrasound and found a cyst that was 2.2cm in size. So she finally agreed to have a laporoscopy done which I will this week.But here are the things I am going through please read and let me know what you think.It started with pain in the pelvic area the moved up to the adbomen then it feels like somthing under my ribs making it hard to breath at night when I go to bed. There are times I get shrap pains in the area of my belly button. Now my periods are getting less from what seems to be a normal 3 day peroid is now a 1 day inwhich ny doc says is ok. I am on the pill and so she thinks that fine. I have bleeding after intercouse and theres time its hurt where I can't when Im off the pill the pain gets worse. I feel as if I have a big ball in my stomach that has wieghts init. Im very grouchy and tried all the time. Can anyone tell me if this is at all normal or not. Thanks for you help and my god bless all of you out there that is going through this. Misty Wittman


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    Hi Mistywittman,

    My name is Rae. I was diagnosed in October 2003 with ovca 3 after a year of going back and forth to the doctor complaining about various abdominal pains. I haven't started any treatment other than having surgery. I haven't found a doctor that I feel comfortable enough with to let them do chemo. I have so many questions that haven't been addressed. I have an appointment this week and I feel confident that I will begin treatment soon thereafter. I feel all of my doctors failed me. I kept insisting that something was wrong while they continued to insist that it was only fibroids. My advice to you is to insist that they do more thorough test. We know our bodies and we know when something is not right. Try not to jump to any conclusions because many things can be causing your pain however, be persistent in finding out what the problem is. Your pain in the back that feels like weights sounds similar to my complaint of feeling like I had a brick in my back. I wish you the best of luck and please let me know how things turn out for you. I'll be praying for you. Remember No Matter What,God is in control! God Bless.
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    Hello, Mistywittman, my name is Stephanie. Sounds like you're not being given very much info from you doctor. Nothing you just described sounds "normal". Did your doctor order a CA-125 blood test done? Was the ultrasound just done on the outside of your body?Or did you get transvaginal ultrasound as well? I didn't have a single symptom. For some reason I asked for a CA-125 blood test back in September 2003. I was lucky that my doctor didn't say no. Two months, two ultrasounds and one laporoscopy later I was offically diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. I had surgery on Dec 10th to remove the tumors. I start chemo on Jan 6th. I won't lie to you. I'm scared. Its been a sureal blur. But I won't waste my energy in a panic. I won't waste it on anger. Friends, family and people I don't know have prayed for me. It has helped me to be peaceful, strong and to focus any and all my energies to getting better. Definitely have the laporoscopy done! My gynie thought he was just going in to remove 2 ovarian cysts. When is your surgery? You're listening to your body, that's what you have to keep doing. Please let me know what happens. Either contact me in this discussion room or go to your ACS email and look me up in the friends directory under Steffie. It may be hard to do, but stay calm. Listen to all that is presented to you. Question what you don't understand. You have a great resource and support with this website. Use the internet to find out more. I will be keeping you in my thoughts. Other's positive thoughts and prayers can give you added strength.
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    I agree with Rae and Steffie. I would request a trans-vaginal ultrasound and a CA125 blood test. Although the blood work is only a marker, it can at least give you some additional information. The ultrasound, although a bit uncomfortable, is also more thorough. I had no symptoms whatsoever - just a fibroid I happend to notice before I went for my yearly check-up. It was my doctor who directed me to an oncologist because I had a history of endometriosis, which can sometimes be a precurser to cancer. I am eternally grateful for his wisdom. My oncologist did the surgery for the fibroid, found a tumor on the ovary which was the source of the cancer. Had a total hysterctomy, omentum, lymph nodes, 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I am grateful for each day. I keep up with CT scans, x-rays and blood work, and live one day at a time. So again, I would highly recommend further studies. You shouldn't have to be going through this without proper medical response. my prayers and thoughts are with you. Please keep us informed. I hope the laparoscopy goes well.
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    whatever you do....stay on top of this!!!! I complained to my doctor about funny pains in my stomach area and he decided I had acid reflux! Well, I kept complaining and he finally noticed how big my stomach was getting and then decided I needed a cat scan. Unfortunately they found a large tumor in my stomach area that spread from my ovaries. I too had a feeling of something moving in my stomach area and also I had strange a unusual periods. I have stage II ovarian cancer. It can not be detected until you reach the later stages. Keep hounding your doctors until they check everything out! Maria
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    Misty, Your concerns are very real, and I suggest you get to another doctor and get a second opinion as soon as possible! I, too, hope you had a transvaginal ultrasound. The CA-125 is only effective in about 50% of Stage 1 cases, so it's not a good thing to base any decisions on, and you want to catch any cancer as soon as possible if it's present!

    I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer (UTCA) stage 1B, and was found to have Ovarian 1C when I went in to have a hysterectomy, so I had a double-whammy going on, and vague symptoms-heavy bleeding (I always had horrible periods), a swollen leg (from deep vein thrombosis {DVT}, a lower-body cancer symptom), dizziness, and a swallowing problem that I think was because some nerve was being pressed. My ob/gyn and I had discussed treatment for the fibroid tumors that were found with the transvaginal ultrasound, and my family doctor was working with me on the other symptoms, when I had a pulmonary embolism because of the DVT. While I was in the hospital, my ob/gyn came in and did a mini uterine biopsy (against the advice of the hematologists) and found the UTCA. I joke now about getting "two for the price of one" surgery!

    This is not the best way to go about discovering how you have serious problems, but I'm thankful that they found the cancers in such low stages. Fran Drescher went to many doctors before she had one would suggest that she should have a uterine biopsy; Gilda Radner was in a very advanced stage of OVCA before she was diangosed, after being pooh-poohed by a few docs about her symptoms. Both were relatively young, too. Ms. Drescher is lucky to be surviving her cancer; Gilda Radner has opened a window to OVCA cancer for many people, although she has passed away.

    Please come back to the board and let us know how you laporascopy turns out! Hopefully, you'll just have had a cyst that was causing problems, but I'm sure we'd all like to hear about a good result for you! Don't be afraid to go to another doctor for an opinion, either-your body belongs to you!