when do u know when u need a psychologist?

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The subject line says it all......when does a breast cancer survivor need professional help from a psychologist? How does one know, when they've reached that point?


  • jeancmici
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    The fact that you posted that question here would lead me to believe that you are closer to feeling you do than you don't need to talk to someone.

    It is nice to have someone to listen and give some feedback - not a friend or family member but one you pay to listen!
    Been there- done that!
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    Usually when you think you do, you do.
    It is really wonderful to go to a psychologist. You get to spend an hour a week/3Xweek whatever, just talking about yourself. Your perceptions, your feelings, your thoughts. It's all about YOU! They are impartial and can slant a new view on things. Make you look at things from another vantage point.
    I too have been there done that. Not for BC related problems, but other issues in the course of one's life. It is a gift you give yourself. Keep an open mind. Try to get good recommendations so you get a great therapist and then sit back and talk. All the best. Beth
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    If you're to the point of asking then you need to go.
    Would consider initial visit with a psychiatrist. They can prescribe medication for you if needed, and then refer you to a good therapist.
    God bless! hummingbyrd
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    I just started therapy this week at the suggestion of my oncologist. The therapist I'm working with specializes in treating cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. The first coping tool that he is training me to use is how to express myself to my loved ones and friends when I am in need of support (I've always tried to "gut" tough personal situations out in the past). I also plan on seeking his assistance to help me learn to put myself first when it is required for my happiness and well being.

    I think people in our situation should take advantage of this type of professional support - we have our bodies treated in order to become well again - shouldn't we also treat our minds, pysches and emotional selves.

    I sincerely hope you decide to pursue this course of action. Donna
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    Since you're asking, there's no harm in going to see a therapist. IF you don't like it, then you just stop going. But you'll probably find it somewhat liberating. Try a couple of sessions though, because it sometimes takes a while to feel comfortable talking to someone. I have found my time with my therapist very beneficial. There's no shame in going to a psychologist. We're going through an incredible amount of stuff.
    Take care.
    Love, Jayne