The Challenge

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Besides sharing information on treatments and alternative therapies, we have been sharing some heartaches about lack of support from family and friends. I would like to propose as a New Year 2004 resolution that WE resolve to treat others the way we would like to be treated: with lots of love and compassion and concern. Let's build a society so filled with love that the Holy Spirit will be tangible among us. Let's make everyone feel included, so that the spirit of antichrist
(or evil) cannot live among us. I challenge you! Make it happen! Bring on 2004--we're ready!


  • SweetSue
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    good advice.....your post reminds me that I should read some breast cancer books to share some worthwhile of my New Year's resolutions!!!!!!!! I know to eat more yellow and leafy veggies and more fish.....something about Vitamin A helping the body to fight off cancer. Drink lots and lots of water for breast and colon cancer prevention. Don't drink more than one alcholic beverage..something to do with liver and estrogen distribution. Promise to read more to share this year.
  • hummingbyrd
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    Excellent suggestions maggs! EXCELLENT!
    After all 'we are the body'.
    God bless! hummb