Happy New Year 2004!

maggs Member Posts: 164
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I just want to commend the courage and strength of everyone on this site and say, "Happy, Happy New Year! Aren't we blessed to be alive? Praise God!" Let's make the most of 2004!


  • banker
    banker Member Posts: 317 Member
    Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. God bless you all ! (( hugs )) emmi
  • lindatn
    lindatn Member Posts: 229
    Lets make everyday as happy as we can. Smile and mean it. Linda
  • Snookums
    Snookums Member Posts: 148
    I do so agree we are blessed to be here for another turn of the year. My motto for 2004 is In 2004, surgery no more!
  • hummingbyrd
    hummingbyrd Member Posts: 950 Member
    to everyone here!
    May we all enjoy good health and never forget, as maggs said, "We are blessed to be alive"!
    Thank the Lord for another beautiful day!
    God bless you all! hummb
  • blossomtime
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    I second that thought. Hooray for us!!!! And snookums you and I are on the same page, I too see a year without any surgeries. What a wonderful thought.God bless each and everyone of us. sharon