Wanting to hi-lite my new hair.

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I have been off of Chemo 6mths now and really have a good deal of regrowth. Curly, no really, CURLY! I am wanting to go back to my regular hairdresser to get a foil wrapped hi-lite. I cannot remember (duh?) what I read many months ago so if you don't mind could some of you that have answers for me "chime in" and let me know what you were told about chemical processing and would it remotely cause any problems now? I am on Tamoxifen and other than that I am post everything. Thanks y'all- C


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    Seven years ago my hair came back in really CURLY, too (it has always been a little curly, but it was extreme). It stayed that way for about 18 months, and then returned to normal. It also came in with gray in it, and I decided to take the chance of having it professionally colored because it was either that or keep wearing my hats. I think new hair is supposed to be more fine, or something. Anyway, I never had any problem with coloring it. I was not on Tamoxifen; I don't know if that makes a difference. Good luck! Judy
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    Hi, been coloring my own hair for years (Loreal) I am worth it, hee hee. After chemo I waited about 3 month, all went well. My hair was about 1 1/2" long. My first chemo 1998, took Tamoxifin for 6 mo, could not handle that, coloring was fine, same in 2002. "nair" is what bothered me, burned, still can't use it. Hope this helps. ((hugs)) emmi
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    I had foil wrapped highlights done 5 months after my last chemo treatment, id did not cause any problems. Many people will tell you you can't do any coloring etc, I think with a good hairdresser you can do what ever you want to make yourself feel good. My hair also came back extremely curly but after letting it grow and getting a couple of good haircuts, the curl is gone and it is back to just my wave that I had prior to treatment. So remember, it does get back to normal!
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    I think I read here that you can buy dye at a health food store which has less peroxide and would be better for you to use.
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    SweetSue said:

    I think I read here that you can buy dye at a health food store which has less peroxide and would be better for you to use.

    THANK YOU for your replies! I am going to go ahead and hi-lite on the 13th and I do know I will feel brighter about the new me. I just wanted to let you know how wonderful you all are for helping me out! Happy New Year and a Happier New YOU! Candy