penile injections

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I am now 6 months post RP and still cannot get an erection. I have been using Viagra but it does not work. I realize that I have to be patient and that it could take upto 2 years before I may get an erection, but I am 43 yeaars old and feel so inadequate. My wife is being great about it but I can't help but feel like I am less of a man. My doctor is going to start me on a treatment in which I will have to give myself an injection in my penis. Has anybody had this type of treatment and was it at all successful?


  • warren612
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    I repleid too you before about injections. They work extremely well. It doesn't hurt to give the shot to yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised.It was what I needed. After 3 shots I was able to get erections on my own. Let me know how you make out.
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    Injections worked great for me until a year after my RP. My psa had gone up and I had to have 35 radiation treatments along with two years of lupron injections. Since then I have tried all types of injections, along with the pump, viagra,etc. Viagra will not work unless you are already getting some erection on your own. It only enhances and will not create. I now have a penile implant that is almost worthless. I am now in my third recurrence and have had an orchiectomy. Yes, the injections worked great after the RP. I pray your RP is a complete success.