Why Are Some People SOOOO Stubborn?

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As most of you know, Bert was hospitalized about six weeks ago because of severe diarrhea as well as a colon infection and partial small intestine blockage. Well folks, we almost had a repeat performance and we are not out of the woods yet.

It basically starts with his routine onc visits. On those few occassions where I have accompanied him, I'm always the one asking all the questions and when Bert goes in to see the oncologist for his chemo, everything is always "not so bad"
even if the diarrhea is going on and on and on, which has been the case now for a number of weeks. Me, I would be in the oncs face if he prescribed something and it wasn't working in a day or two. Not Bert. Oh no, not Bert. I had to beg him to go see the doc today as it, the diarrhea if has been an ongoing problem.
As a result of his visit today, he was hooked to an IV for 4 hours (fluid replenishment), is extremely low on potassium, got a shot,
will have to have three shots a day for the next couple of days that I will have to give him, and he has to see the onc tomorrow again...but tomorrow, I am going with him. I got all this info from him and he wasn't to clear as he was soooooo verrrrry tired. I guess short of being hit by a mack truck, paints a better picture than it really is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things won't get any worse...and this after his final chemo treatment on Thursday of last week.

On another note, I would like to take a few minutes to wish everyone and their extended family a wonderful holiday and health and blessings for the new year. I hope each of us, in some small way, can take just a one day break from this disease and celebrate with the true meaning of what this holiday is all about in our hearts. And for those folks out there who celebrate other holidays at this time of the year, my best wishes for peaceful days and hope.

God's Blessings on all and with his help, maybe 2004 will be the year for a cure!!!!



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    Ahoy, Monika and Bert -

    You know, my onc gave me a "silver bullet" pill for diareah - I got atropine pills. They worked great. I used them very sparingly and only took them when I really needed them, but that might be something to ask your onc about.

    Hang tough! Happy holidays. Here's hoping that 2004 is happy, healthy and prosperous for us all!

    - SBSP
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    It's a guy thing. My hubby does not go to doc alone ever! I am his honesty advisor! heehee.

    peace, emily