Burfday Gurl takes a bow

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It's my B-day and I'll cry if I want to--but I don't want to because: I AM STILL HERE! YEAAH!
And I have money. Well, a gift certificate from Amazon, but still...I want some suggestions from you all. Help me spend this windfall and we can all share in the experience. I don't mean you can borrow my precious books, just enjoy them vicariously.

Confined to my special air bed summer before last after a muscle graft on my ****, I read everything in the house and this is a house full of books. I then turned to the internet and the insidious lure of online shopping. Oh, oh, she's loose with a credit card. How much can she spend? She won't last much longer. The odds are against her. Well, I am still spending. Hah!

I posted on my other groups: the Literary Fiction Lovers at Yahoo and their CC Survivors thing. Our Monica is over there, too. She is practically running the place. Let's hear it for Monica--a true Amazon!

Aspaysia (Don't ask, don't tell)


  • spongebob
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    Ahoy, Asp -

    two suggestions:

    A Prayer for Owen Meany and London.

    London is a big'un - it tooke me an entire six week deployment to finish.

    If you tenr toward non-fiction, may I suggest Bowditch's "The American Practical Navigator" - not much on plot, but the trigonometric algorithms for determining angle of incidence for circles of equal altitude when Betelgeuse is at its nadir are fascinating. (yawn)

    Then of course there's always the Sponge Bob Square Pants Anthology.

    Happy Burfday

  • pattieb
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    Happy Burfday girl. Sorry I don't have a suggestions but enjoy whatever you get.
  • vcavanagh
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    Helo A.
    If you like poetry go to www.theotherpages.org/poems/index.html
    There is some lovely stuff there. If that doesn't work, I'll write you one myself.
  • Chrisswife
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    Ooh, I loved Owen Meany too. It was made into a syrupy movie starring Ashley Judd a few years ago - I forget the name but I was tre disappointed.
    If you haven't read Lance Armstrong's books, "It's not about the bike" and "Every Second Counts", I recommend them both. The first book chronicles his cancer experience and is a harrowing, ultimately triumphant read.
    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!!! I am so happy for you. I suggest Italo Calvino (The Seasons of the City or marco Valdo, I can't remember the title), Andre Dubus (best d*** short stories in town) Reynolds Price (beautiful southern prose that makes you want to weep) As a fellow survivor (coming up on 2 years in February) I am know what those Birthdays mean. I am doing the Happy dance for you.
  • aspaysia
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    Many thanks, y'all, for your good wishes. We had a rib roast with yorkshire pudding for my B-day dinner. And cake with a candle that played the Happy Birthday song--it was really annoying. I got lots of cards with fart jokes. Hey, I can't help it if my ostomy wants to join in the conversation. Then the dog pooped in the TV room. Party over! There is nothing on the tube these days anyway.